Rights Management Associates. The leading independent specialists in market data licensing, policies and administration.

About RMA

RMA is an independent consultancy specialising in market data licensing. We are widely recognised as the leading industry experts in this field.

RMA services bring benefits to information providers, distributors and subscribers alike. We serve the common industry aim of the widest legitimate use of market data, at the lowest overhead cost, with a minimum of administrative burden.

We offer simpler, more flexible market data contracts, sensible prices and policies, clear and practical compliance requirements, detailed compliance support facilities and co-operative approaches to compliance checking.

RMA’s consultancy services include rigorous and impartial analysis of market data agreements, policies and practices, backed up by client support, specialist internet search and monitoring systems and a unique database of market data websites, developed and maintained in association with our technology partners Topline Systems Ltd.

We have carried out extensive research into the use and regulation of market data in today’s global trading environment.

We are not lawyers; we do not offer legal advice. However, we have years of experience of working with lawyers on market data issues and providing litigation support. More about our people here.

We help our clients to:

  • License market data usage rights widely, fairly and cost-effectively
  • Identify and address areas of financial exposure or uncertainty
  • Keep data agreements and policies up to date


Our aim...
        the widest legitimate use of market data ... lowest overhead cost... minimum administrative burden.