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About Our People

Reg Pritchard

Reg Pritchard founded RMA in 1999 following seventeen years in Reuters Ltd as international business administration manager, information contracts specialist, general manager and internal auditor. He has represented Reuters and RMA as Executive Committee member of the Financial Information Services Division of the SIIA (FISD) for many years, playing a leading role in the development of FISD industry guidelines and co-chairing various FISD committees and working groups. As one of RMA’s first assignments he and Jill Farr drafted the FISD’s Exchange Contract Guide. His consultancy assignments for RMA include litigation support, design and drafting of data distribution and subscriber agreements, advice and assistance for new data redistributors, exchanges and alternative trading venues, strategic reviews of pricing and data usage policies, compilation of compliance databases, detailed analysis of data contracts for vendors, banks and brokers and the investigation of disputed audit claims. He has also provided specialist training and seminars for market data managers and directors. Together with Susan Gallagher and Jill Farr, he recently completed a detailed research study on market data usage licensing and regulation in a global trading environment with particular reference to Europe and North America. He is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant and an MA graduate of Cambridge University.

Susan Gallagher

Susan Gallagher joined RMA in 2009, following thirteen years at Reuters/Thomson Reuters. She is the President of SB Gallagher Advisors and acts as RMA’s representative for North and South America. Susan’s work for RMA includes detailed research and analysis of the licensing and regulation of market data in North America. Susan’s experience at Reuters included marketing, global account strategy, and content acquisition. She was responsible for content acquisition and rights management in the Americas division. In that role she negotiated contracts with third party suppliers and provided data usage advice to both internal and external customers. She also represented Reuters on the FISD Executive Committee for several years. Susan holds an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.

Jill Farr

Jill Farr joined RMA in 2000 as a specialist in market data agreements, reporting administration and payments, with twelve years prior related experience at Reuters. Since August 2003, as Managing Director of Farr Financial Services Ltd. she has acted as RMA’s representative for Asia, Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, based in New Zealand. Jill co-ordinated the design and development of the FISD Market Data Policies Database (2000) and assisted in development of the Exchange Fees Guide. Subsequent assignments include the design and implementation of new market data agreements and policies, on-line registration and control processes, compliance and administration procedures. Jill specified and helped design RMA’s market data websites database. She has played a leading role in the development and use of RMA’s research facilities, the detailed analysis of contracts and policies for over 70 exchanges and the development of market data services department manuals, Q & A and training materials.

Chris Smart

Chris Smart is Managing Director of RMA’s technology partner, Topline Systems. He has over 20 years commercial experience of developing and supporting business systems, specialising in database software. Topline Systems designed and developed the FISD Market Data Policies database and user interface (2000), the internet search and database facilities used by RMA (2002), together with various web-based and hosted facilities to provide RMA clients with secure and confidential access to RMA reports information with the ability to record and manage follow-up activities. Chris and his colleagues at Topline continue to enhance and develop RMA’s facilities to meet customer requirements.

We help our clients to:

  • License market data usage rights widely, fairly and cost-effectively
  • Identify and address areas of financial exposure or uncertainty
  • Keep data agreements and policies up to date


Our aim...
        the widest legitimate use of market data ... lowest overhead cost... minimum administrative burden.