Rights Management Associates. The leading independent specialists in market data licensing, policies and administration.


RMA's combination of specialist knowledge, detailed research and customer support experience provides a unique insight into how and where market data is being used, licensed and paid for.

RMA can help you manage your market data rights to save money, minimise risk and let your business grow. We help you meet the needs of your information suppliers, distributors and subscribers - and ensure they meet yours. We can work with your lawyers to ensure new agreements are practical and enforceable. Our internet monitoring facilities help you track what your customers and competitors are doing with market data.

Research facilities include detailed analysis of market data contracts and policies for leading information providers. Our database of market data websites is maintained by experienced market data experts and now covers over 13,000 websites.

Change may be necessary, but disruption is expensive. We provide long-term strategic advice for managing change with minimum disruption to existing business.

Our advice is backed by detailed support and implementation plans based on practical experience. Our customer and administration support services help ease the burden of implementing new terms and conditions or new uses of data.

RMA services are tailored to the individual needs of information providers (exchanges and index providers), information distributors (data vendors, online service providers, banks and brokers) and information users.

Information providers  
Are your data distribution agreements out of date?

Are your fees and policies contractually enforceable?

Do you have problems keeping a level playing field for all vendors and users?

We can provide you with guidance on:

  • Data usage and redistribution terms, condition and policies

  • Derived data and index creation rights

  • Internet use, web-hosting, linking, framing and downloadable applications

  • Fees structure, units of count and fee policies

  • Fees waivers and exceptions

Do you have problems enforcing audit claims?

Do you need help to monitor unlicensed use of your data?

Does your market data services team need support or training to implement change?
RMA can help you optimise your contracts to ensure a competitive, achievable position.  

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Information distributors
& service providers
Do your market data contracts still meet your business needs?

We can provide you with guidance on:

  • Licensing data for websites, web-hosting or downloadable applications

  • Licensing derived data and index creation

  • Data redistribution terms and conditions

  • Duplicate market data fees

Do your information providers make demands you can’t meet in practice?

  • Outdated and unsuitable fees, reporting and control requirements?

  • Disclaimers and warranties?

  • Requirements for your subscriber agreements?

Are you facing audits or audit claims from providers?

Do you need to monitor your own compliance and/or that of your subscribers?

Are your competitors getting a better market data deal than you?

Do you face unfair competition from data pirates?
RMA can help you comply, save money and remain competitive.  

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Information users  
You may be paying far more than you need!

Do you know your market data rights and compliance obligations?

Are your market data agreements out of date?

Do you need help negotiating with vendors or dealing direct with information providers?

Are your information providers charging fees or imposing reporting requirements without clear contractual justification?

Do you need to monitor your compliance with information provider and vendor contracts?

Are you facing an information provider or vendor audit or audit claim?

Are you missing out on business opportunities because of inflexible information supply contracts?

Are your competitors getting a better market data deal than you?

RMA can help you comply, save money and stand up for your rights.  

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